Rishikesh Yoga International,Rishikesh,Uttrakhund,India

An enlisted Yoga school perceived by Yoga Alliance USA offering 200 Hours Residential Yoga Teacher Training to give a chance to all roused Yoga hopefuls to improve their own Yoga rehearses by increasing further understandings of antiquated Yoga lessons while learning proficient encouraging strategies to impart their shrewdness to the world.

Yoga Educator Preparing offered by Rishikesh Yoga International is led under exceedingly qualified and capable Yoga aces lead by Yogi Surdham. He taught Yoga in different country as well.All the Yoga aces have long stretches of involvement in Yoga and they are devoted to convey legitimate Yoga lessons to the members to pass their energy of Yoga to them. The course educational modules of our Yoga Educator Preparing program has been composed with a target that priminarily centers around enabling the members to increase further comprehension of Yoga lessons and its related practices in a simple and deliberate way in both the hypothesis and the viable. Regardless, on the off chance that you are an accomplished Yoga professional or a roused Yoga competitor fall in the classification of fledglings, Rishikesh Yoga International will give a chance and a stage for you to build up your comprehension of Yoga to a degree which thus make you fit for sharing your insight as Yoga educator to others.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200 hour Yoga teacher training primarily focuses on yoga practice and teaching in such a way that it helps to build confidence in one’s self and also helps a person appreciate their uniqueness. This training will facilitate general posture, breathing and overall circulation and flow.

Yoga Retreats and Drop-in Classes

These classes focus on the correct aligning of the body to improve posture and circulation. It is suitable for beginners and also those with physical limitations.

Meditation Teacher Training

This training assists the students in increasing their energy level as well as builds a strong connection between the body and soul. It is truly a spiritually enhancing experience which gives oneself the courage to fight his fears and live life in peace.

Meditation  Retreats

This is centered around the art of meditation which will facilitate a healthy lifestyle that will eventually lead to a longer, better and stress free life. It will improve one’s concentration, self awareness and improve a person’s mood and aid to gain happiness and a purpose in life.

Yoga Retreats for Beginners

Opting for yoga retreat courses will help a person find balance between the body and soul and make him/her achieve peace of mind and tranquility. It will aid in relieving a person from all the stress and seeing spirituality in a new light and attain salvation.

Spiritual Tours.

These tours focus on the idea of growth, emotionally and mentally which is essential for a harmonious life, free of tension, strain and fears. It helps people know more about themselves like personal reflection and create an optimistic environment fro everyone around them.


  • Prenatal Yoga Mon 9am - 11pm

    Our focussed prenatal workshop seeks to empower expecting mothers. We aid and assist in developing strength and stamina and offer strategies to relieve common pain associated with pregnancy.

  • Sports Pilates Wed 9am - 11pm

    Our much loved Pilates workshop is back again. Come in for an hour of high-intensity, fat burning activity. Special guest instructor Mel Harris (AIS Gymnastics Coach) will be taking no prisoners.