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yoga retreat in Rishikesh

Yoga retreat and yoga holidays in Rishikesh, India

What is the Yoga Holiday Retreat?

Yoga holiday retreat is withdrawal to focus on practice of yoga. A retreat often involves a trip to the location that offers group yoga activities. It can be solitary and or local. In the western world yoga retreats trends to resamble vacations at luxury resorts, but the eastern (our) concept of retreats are more humble in nature, learning towards more affordable gateways of life. This can be found in India’s monasteries and Ashrams.

Yoga Retreats and holidays are short and tempering breaks from your daily routine that lasts from weekend to a week or more. The main purpose of yoga holiday retreats is t allow yogis (students) to deepen their practice without the distractions of life.

Yoga Holidays Retreats in Rishikesh India at Rishikesh Yoga International, Yoga School

A time often comes in everyone's life, when we reach a point, where we let ourselves fall deep into a spiral of strain and stress due to our regular routine which makes us look forward for someone who can pull us out of this condition. Rishikesh Yoga International Yoga School provides an opportunity to such emotionally stranded souls looking for an exit to escape this worldly hindrances and emerge from this situation as individuals who have found peace of mind and soul . During yoga retreats you will feel spiritually blissed among the Himalayan nature where you will experience to live a holistic life, despite of your daily routine. You can say that it will be a mixture containing because of yoga static, local sight seen tours and several experiencing activities near the share of holy river Ganges in lap of mother nature. Our retreats are mixture of relaxing holidays with basic education and entertainment. Last but not the least our teachers will guide you to train your mind in such a way that, with practice one can find joy and peace at anytime.

3 days Yoga Retreat

Three days yoga holidays retreat is one of the shortest programs where you can come to join us from your busy schedule and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul all together. One of the benefits of this yoga holiday retreat is that you can easy come every month and live the natural way of healing yourself. You will get best stay, meals and yoga classes with us. In this package you will spend most time in yoga shala enjoying yoga asanas. In morning detoxification, kriyas and dynamic yoga class, followed by different activities like meditation, chanting and mantra singing. After breakfast there will be lectures on anatomy and philosophy. In evening will be hatha yoga class and mantra singing with two yoga classes and stay with three meals will cost 99 USD / 3 days.

7 days Yoga Holiday Retreat in Rishikesh India

7 days retreat relax and rejuvenate wellness yoga retreat in Himalayase environment near holy river Ganges. Going on a yoga retreat is definitely a great opportunity to release you from your daily stress. You will be indulging into incredible nature at the some time. Here you will practice yoga twice a day and some fun activities in this leisure time. With guarantee it will be totally a refreshing and flowering experience. This way you will heal and strengthen your body in the nature of beautiful Rishikesh (India). It will provide you a wonderful opportunity to nourish your body, mind and soul. Along with detox and destress therapies, you will have personalized and authentic Hatha and Ashtanga yoga lesson with some multi yoga practice. Yoga with Asanas, Pranayamas, meditation, yogic kriyas and deep relaxation enables you to integrate the manifold facets and benefits. It cost you 249 USD including stay with three meals with honey ginger lemon tea twice a day.

7 to 14 days yoga holiday retreat

You are warmly welcome at Rishikesh Yoga Internatianal School located in the heart of Rishikesh in peaceful area of Tapovan. We are one of the competing yoga training schools in Rishikesh. Our teachers will train you in such a way that after leaving our Yoashala (centre), you can practice yoga yourself. In this retreat you will learn techniques in detail which will help you to understand yoga deeply. It can includes around 6 classes from early morning till 9 pm. in evening. Two weeks of yoga retreat will make you feel relax, calm and connected to yourself. It cost 499 USD for the 14 days yoga holiday retreat with Rishikesh Yoga International School.


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