Yoga Meditation Teacher Training

Contemplation is a craft of taking a gander at the psyche unbiasedly. This way to realize that we are not just the psyche and the contemplations in the brain however there is a substance behind the musings lights up the brain. Like a screen and the projection on the screen. The screen isn’t contacted neither affected by the projection. The screen is simply there mirroring the projection without getting affected by the projection. Similarly the world and circumstances make feelings that are anticipated on the brain. Because of these projections the psyche is influenced. At the point when the psyche is influenced there is an expansion of worry in our brain. This prompts medical problems.

The craft of reflection instructs us to take a gander at the circumstances impartially and realize that we are something more than the psyche or considerations. There is something more past the mind that illumes the brain. The craft of contemplation shows us how to develop and understand this strategy for dealing with the brain. Reflection is the solution of the brain.

What you will learn at the Meditation Teachers Training?

The program well structured taking the diverse custom of Yoga and reflection systems in record. The program will open up the tremendous history of these methods and its applications to present day man. What can u perceive in the program?

  1. History of the tremendous study of Yoga and Meditation
  2. Exploration of the Mind field
  3. Life systems Physiology of the Body
  4. Diverse strategies for Sitting in reflection as per the Yogic custom
  5. Diverse strategies for intercession from the Vedic, Yogic , Tantric , Zen and Buddhist conventions
  6. Yoga Nidra ( Deep Sleep Awareness )
  7. Pranayama ( Breathing practices )
  8. Working up a day by day schedule to think
  9. Instructions to direct a reflection hone for an individual and enormous gathering
  10. Nourishment Habits that support the training
  11. Yoga Asana that will help in growing better vitality flow in the body.
  12. What are the props to help the training

Meditation Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Features

 Yoga Philosophy: 

Instructing yoga theory resembles an absolute necessity in our contemplation courses in Rishikesh. It puts light on yoga theory, which speaks to a restrictive knowledge in to life and cognizance. These classes are the most ideal methods for tending deeply issues throughout somebody’s life. The entire kind of intense subject matters those show up in human life can be effortlessly vanished after one finds out about the ideas of cognizance or atma through our investigation programs. Additionally, our contemplation instructor preparing India educates about the eight appendages of Asthanga yoga, through which a man can accomplish a definitive euphoria, or, in other words of Atma with Paramatma.


Reflection is viewed as the seventh appendage in Asthanga Yoga. Its examination and practice in a more extensive shape helps a man in conquering the entire range humanly disarrays. You no more stay clear about various recognitions emerging as a top priority, and their sources. Such lucidity in thought steadily drives the individual in accomplishing a definitive objective of being a yogi.


Satkarma is the most vital advance in accomplishing a definitive edification throughout everyday life. It resembles purifying or detoxifying the body and psyche in the most easy design. The understudies are given finished learning about various sorts of shatkarmas, their advantages, precautionary measures, and so on.


No heartfelt experience can be accomplished without immaculateness in heart. Profound achievement doesn’t really request your business ability or degrees, yet, it is unthinkable without validity. Validity isn’t troublesome; it’s just similar to living in simultaneousness with the nature. Being veritable resembles an enlightening procedure; the individual figures out how to recognize the genuine satisfaction and the materialistic way of life. It shows the craft of not being proud, regardless of having a real existence loaded with success and power.

Our Services Includes

  • All Yogas and Aasanas that are listed.
  • Yoga Kits that you may required during the yoga course.
  • Indian,Vegetarian,Organic,Natural food with Shared Accomodation
  • Pick and drop facility to Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun.
  • Visit to local markets and three spiritual places and caves.
  • One day Indian food cooking class that may help you for further practices of yoga.
  • Demo classes for two days otherwise you can take your money back.

200-hour yoga teachers certification Rishikesh is open to anyone who is interested in learning the ancient science of health and spirituality. It is available for all, regardless of caste and creed although your eligibility will be accessed after you send us a detailed application form. After checking your eligibility, we will e-mail you and have to pay a deposit of 200 USD to book your spot. After payment, your seat will be confirmed. We have lots of application forms every month and approval for yoga training in India is at the discretion of yoga Directors.

Fill the application form and send it to After approval from the yoga school, a deposit of [$200 (Advance Fee) + $10 (Paypal Charge)] = $210 for 200 hr. Course in advance through PayPal or bank transfer is required to confirm your place in the course. We will send you an e-mail after receiving your advance fee.

The Association for Yoga and Meditation will award you the Yoga Diploma for 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, and it is Internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and International Yoga Federation. The course is also certified by the Indian Yoga Alliance for 200 hours yoga teacher training. After successful completion of yoga teacher certification in India, anyone can register with Yoga Alliance USA.

  • Registration and deposit must be made to reserve your spot in the yoga teacher training.
  • After receiving your registration form, we will send you a link of the deposit to secure your spot in the yoga teacher training.
  • Deposit 210 USD to reserve your spot which is non-refundable. When your deposit is made, your spot is confirmed. We will send you confirmation email.
  • The balance of the yoga course fee must be paid on arrival on the day of yoga course commencement, and can be done with INR/USD/EUR/AUD.
  • If payments via internet banking or PayPal are made, and SWIFT or IBAN wire transfers are done, they may include transaction fees.
  • If an applicant cancels or withdraws from the course, the deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to another course within a period of one year.

To get your 200-hour Yoga TTC certificate, affiliated with Yoga Alliance- USA, you must attend the 4-week course that has 6 modules in it. In case, you have done any of the 6 modules, a theory, and practical test will be conducted and your behavior during your stay at the school will be noticed. Assignments and their submission on time by you will also be recorded. Accordingly, you will be marked, and a fee waiver will be given to you on this basis.

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