Specialized in Zen Counseling, Zen tarot and many courses such as OSHO meditative therapies.

Bodhi Uttam

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 Meditation  Teacher
25 years

SW Bodhi Uttam is a co-leader of ShivaShakti Meeting and has experienced in the field of Meditation and Yoga for more than 20 years. He has given workshops for last 15 years in Japan, India, Europe, China, and Korea and opened to give courses all over the world.

He was born in Brahmin family (strictly vegetarian and fuss over details about purification) he got an all the materials and atmosphere needed for spiritual growth.

He says two things extremely helped him in life that he didn’t go to school till the age of 7, allowing him to be like a wild animal in the village. And he had spent his most of time in Shiva temple in his 7 to 21 years old and met all kinds of saints and sadhus. At the age of 14 he read BHAGAWAT GEETA and decided experiencing meditation and sharing this to the world is the goal of his life.

Life without meditation is meaningless. His commitment has brought him to travel all around India like a dying thirsty man, roaming in HIMALAYA going to many masters and ashrams, meeting Zen masters of Japan. Finally he got quenched by mystic OSHO. He wanted just a glass of water, and OSHO gave him Whole Ocean. He has been living last 15 years in Pune near OSHO energy field. He has received a university degree in science, and a master degree in journalism. Studied at Bihar school of Yoga and Advanced therapeutic Kriya yoga at Kaivalyadhama School. Also he studied Zen Counseling, Zen tarot and many courses such as OSHO meditative therapies and others in OSHO multiversity in Pune. .

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